Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your LUCKY numbers for Friday 29th LIVE chat!

Here are your lucky numbers for friday's live chat. Make sure you take note of the number for your chance to win! Those who want to join in better rsvp at before you miss out!
1:Sue from Soobies
2:Louise Mahoney
3:Jo Debnam
4:Sandra,pure eart noosa
5:Amanda Guilfoyle
6:Stephanie Robles
8:Helen Macmillan
9:Megan Mortimer
10:Katy Garner
11:Louise Newman
12:Strawberry jam Designs
13:Claudette Butteridge
14:Leanne Heggie
16:Jayne Day
17:Belinda Bone
19:Rose-leah H
20:Michelle Rodgers
21:Silvia Granelli
27:jacki falco
29:Nicole Grant
30:Carl Watson
31:Annette Piper
32:Paula :)
33:Anita @ forget me not impressions
34:Amanda de santis
35:erin archibald
36:Organic babies and kids wear.
37:lyndal j
38:jo atkinson
39:penny green

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Peace said...

HI Caddie,
I'm looking forward to our "chat" tonight! Peace

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