Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What do my Customers want!!

I would love to have a loyalty program for my customers! I was wanting to give 1 point or stamp when you purchase goods at millaruby or if you refer a friend who purchases goods and states your the referer you recieve another point. I will hold your personal card here with the points aquired and you will be updated each time u recieve a new point. Do you like this idea?? What would you like as a reward. Id love to hear your answers. How many points on average before u get a reward. If you respond u are in for a chance to win an animal print bib set.


LOVE MUM said...

I would love that! I think it would be great to be able to get some of your gorgeous items for free once we have enough points example so many points gets you a purse so many points gets you a owl etc. keep the great work up! xx

LimeSlice said...

I think it i s afab idea Caddie :)

Not sure how many point or whatever...perhaps you could have a point value on all your items, like Fly Buys lol So people can acrew points and 'save' up for their items that way?

Anyway, go for it!

Kristy said...

Great idea, maybe you could have 1 point = $1 and once people reach a certain amount of points - say 5 (or 10) they can it to purchase anything in the store. So once you reach 5 points you can have $5 to spend or you can keep saving to get more off etc. What a lovely thing to offer your customers :)

Kalynda said...

Maybe you could do for each purchase over $20, you recieve one point... and then once you have recieved 5 or 10 points or something, you can reward with a free gift or $10 off purchase or something like that. :)

mummy2jj said...

maybe they get a point for every 5 dollars spent and say they have 10 points that is one dollar and the can redeem it whenever they want off any product. the place where i buy my bras from online do this and it works out good!

~Sally~ said...

I would have it so that it was $5 = 1 point and 1 point = $1 (spend $20 get 4 points)

I think it's an awesome idea!


MillaRuby Designs said...

Thankyou all for your input and comments! Muchly appreciated!!
The winner is kalynda!! i will get into contact with you regarding your prize!

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