Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back in to it!!

For those who follow blogs i am very sorry with being absent!! I have tended to be on FB mostly but hope to change all that soon and spend some more time on here blogging.
My girls both attend school next year so that will allow me more time to sew,create and keep up to date with you guys and what you want!
My friend Kristy who makes most of the gorgeous handmade toys apparently has loads of idea's! so i am super excited!! and so should you be.
Please contact me via my store if there are requests. I hope to get more clothing for both girls and boys,more gift sets,toys and a few new things underway!
Please pop some fan photo's up on Facebook! We would love to see your children in our creations!! Most of all i hope you had a fabulous xmas and new year!!

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Anonymous said...

I do follow on FB, but always love reading blog post so look forward to them this year. Also look forward to all the wonderful creations on the way

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I love to sew! I just find it relaxing. What started as a hobby has turned into so much more!I aim to provide fun,unique and affordable clothing and accessories for young ones.I want mums and dads to be able to afford gorgeous clothing without the pricetag.So if you like what you see please tell your friends!