Monday, January 31, 2011

The "MAGIC" Number!!

First of all id love to say thankyou!! I am only 250 fans short of reaching 3000!! That is just astounding to say the least! I am just so happy to have my small business and love doing what i do! I am thankful to those stockists who have decided to join me and showcase their awesome products too!
I not only sew clothes for my girls but i also support handmade and love to buy them items made from other wahms as well.
I am having a giveaway when i reach 3000 fans! Up for grabs will be the new "amelia" top in a custome colour of your choice , sizing 1-5 yrs. However, because i love you all if you happen to have boys i will custom a short set!
All i want my fans and friends to do is share my page! You can then "like" the picture up for grabs! New fans will become "new" likers of millaruby and also "like" the page! Pretty simple :)
So thankyou from myself and my stockists!!


Kyromaniac said...

ooo that top looks gorgeous! Is there anything else we need to do to enter? As far as I'm aware liking a photo to enter a comp is against FB rules - I'd hate to see your page get taken down!!! Just thought you'd want to know as I've heard of this happening to heaps of people lately...

MillaRuby Designs said...

As far as i was aware as long as you did the rules of the comp elsehwere it is fine :) They are liking my shirt, no where does it state on fb its a comp? :)

Kimberlee said...

hi there! can you like a boy and girl item ( i have twins boy and girl).. or is it you like the item u like most so EG one like per person?

MillaRuby Designs said...

you can "like" both of them! Thanks for asking

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