Friday, May 10, 2013

New Look!

Well it has been a very long time since i have used my blog! But with all the changes to facebook and for small business i thought i would use this page to show off new creations and competitions! Bit of both as i still love facebook and cannot go a day without checking in :) So hopefully some of my fans pop here now and then and i will add a link too hopefully to my facebook page if i can! Not computer savvy but sewy savy! lol Here is a picture of my latest creation! Its a @boo designs pattern.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


A gorgeous pair of bloomers for only $1! Thats right! This gorgeous pair of bloomers could be yours for $1 just by commenting under the photo on Facebook.
Competition ends sunday night 730pm western standard time :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

The "MAGIC" Number!!

First of all id love to say thankyou!! I am only 250 fans short of reaching 3000!! That is just astounding to say the least! I am just so happy to have my small business and love doing what i do! I am thankful to those stockists who have decided to join me and showcase their awesome products too!
I not only sew clothes for my girls but i also support handmade and love to buy them items made from other wahms as well.
I am having a giveaway when i reach 3000 fans! Up for grabs will be the new "amelia" top in a custome colour of your choice , sizing 1-5 yrs. However, because i love you all if you happen to have boys i will custom a short set!
All i want my fans and friends to do is share my page! You can then "like" the picture up for grabs! New fans will become "new" likers of millaruby and also "like" the page! Pretty simple :)
So thankyou from myself and my stockists!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gorgeous Nappy Stackers

I have been sitting on a pile of nappy stackers for a while and finally decided to get the motivation and do something with them!
So far i have done some little birds on branches and a babushka but i hope to add to the collection soon!
I think these would look lovely hanging in the nursery , nappies all stacked ready to go! You could also buy them for the new mother as a shower gift.
They have been lovingly cut out by hand and some sections handstitched.
They will sell for $22 and at that price a steal!!
Limited in stock until the nappy stackers run out!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back in to it!!

For those who follow blogs i am very sorry with being absent!! I have tended to be on FB mostly but hope to change all that soon and spend some more time on here blogging.
My girls both attend school next year so that will allow me more time to sew,create and keep up to date with you guys and what you want!
My friend Kristy who makes most of the gorgeous handmade toys apparently has loads of idea's! so i am super excited!! and so should you be.
Please contact me via my store if there are requests. I hope to get more clothing for both girls and boys,more gift sets,toys and a few new things underway!
Please pop some fan photo's up on Facebook! We would love to see your children in our creations!! Most of all i hope you had a fabulous xmas and new year!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Name this Funky Vintage Bear

I have made this funky vintage bear modelled on an old bear of my mothers. I think she is rather cute! Love to know what my fans think?? No bear will be the same. Something will always be slightly different. Isnt it lovely knowing you have a treasured item for your child nobody else has. I will be doing boy and girl bears.What i want you to do is come up with a name for these bears!! The top 3 names will go in a poll and the winner will recieve there own custom bear. How easy!! Just have to be a member of the blog to enter.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pretty Yoyo's

I just love making these pretty yoyo's!! I can pop them on Lacey headbands,broaches,clothing and other gorgeous items. Im a little addictive so watch the store as i will be making and adding them to the store.
I have other gorgeous items in the making too :) and i soon will be recieving other gorgeous hair accessories from 4 lil darlins to compliment millaruby!

About Milla Ruby Designs

I love to sew! I just find it relaxing. What started as a hobby has turned into so much more!I aim to provide fun,unique and affordable clothing and accessories for young ones.I want mums and dads to be able to afford gorgeous clothing without the pricetag.So if you like what you see please tell your friends!